Why Most Parents Are Reluctant to Say that They’ve Made a Mistake Installing a Car Seat

Baby Products

Chicco, a renowned brand that sells baby products, has actually released an interesting survey that states that more than 73% of parents actually flip their baby’s car seats way too early.

This is far from the mandate that was released by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Although it is true that you can actually flip the car seat, you only have to do it if they reach the age of two and above.

What’s worse is that this common scenario is not corrected by people who know better. This is especially alarming since pretty much 2 out of 3 parents do this. Perhaps, using a baby stroller is much better than putting your baby on an unsecured car seat.

To help minimize this common mistake, Chicco has launched a website that they call as “TurnAfter2”. This is made in an effort to help parents still make their babies ride a rear-facing car seat until they reach 3 years of age.

What they have to do would be to upload a photo of their 2-year old kid that is placed on a rear-facing car seat and they must use the hashtag #turnafter2.

What Can Be Done?

The survey that the company has released is actually quite alarming. It is good on Chicco’s part to launch a global initiative that encourages parents to only turn the car seat after their child reaches 3 years of age or so.

Other things that can be done would be to teach parents about car seat safety and to produce a lot of forums and talks that will help disseminate the correct information about road safety.

Even though it is quite alarming, I love that some companies are already doing great strides to help parents all over the world about car seats and safety.