Web Design 101: 7 Web Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Conversion

Web Design 101: 7 Web Design Mistakes That Can Hurt Conversion


Are you a website design malaysia company owner who wants to improve his online presence? In order to succeed, you need to implement a proactive, targeted approach in website design. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. There is no room for mistakes! Below are some of the most common errors made website owners. Try your best to learn from them.


  1. Website Clutter


If you don’t want your visitors to leave your pages in a heartbeat, don’t incorporate the following in your website. Your website should be simple, clean and straight to the point.

  • Auto-play videos
  • Background music
  • Too Much Flash animations
  • Contrasting, bright, colors
  • Ad prompts
  • Graphics splattered at the entire page


  1. Failure to Create a Responsive Website

 Unresponsive Website

At this point in time, mobile optimization is no longer just a trend or buzzword. It’s a way of life. More and more people are browsing websites through their mobile devises. Take advantage of this. Make sure that your pages can be accessed well even on smaller screens.


  1. Disorganized Content


If your content is disorganized, you wouldn’t get the conversion increase you are aiming for. Distracting multimedia and other elements can turn your visitors away.


  1. Unclear, Missing Call-to-Action Buttons and Statements


Consumers and readers should know immediately what your website is all about. What do you want to offer them? Lead them to the right direction. Your CTA buttons should be easily noticeable and accessible.


  1. Poor Loading Speed

 Page Loading Speed

Many visitors expect to see the information they need in just around three seconds. If they fail to see what they are looking for in that short period, they would abandon your website. Who would want to buy from a laggy website?


  1. Including Stock Images Which are Poor in Quality, Irrelevant, and Appears Unprofessional

Stock images are now getting a bad reputation because of the generic look and feel that they are giving websites. It is still best to invest in good photography, and include your brand’s own photos.


  1. Confusing Navigation

Web Navigation

Your website wouldn’t be successful if you are offering a confusing navigation experience. It would impact your conversion and engagement rates negatively. Manage your categories effectively. It should be clickable, readable and organized.