How to Throw a Memorable Wedding with a Limited Budget

Go for the DIY route.

If you are on a tight budget, it’s always best to go for a DIY wedding. It may take some time to put together, but with the help of your friends and family members, you will surely pull it off. One of the first things you can do with your friends and cousins are paper flowers. Fresh flowers are expensive! This is a more economical choice that will help you exercise your creativity more.

Consider cheaper wedding venues.

Why not have your wedding in a library, museum or local park? Since these venues don’t really hold standard events, there is a bigger chance of striking an affordable deal. An outdoor or backyard wedding is also a good option.

Don’t hesitate to borrow.

Getting a wedding dress from a top designer can be very expensive. Why not explore a reputable wedding gown rental service in Malaysia? It may be cheap, but you can still choose among a vast range of designs. Moreover, if some of your family members have some jewelry that you can borrow for your special day, that would be amazing.

Stay away from the peak season.

Getting married on June will surely be more expensive compared to a January wedding date. If you can, keep the wedding date flexible, so you can save around $1,300. As much as possible, marry on a weekday. Since it’s off season, lots of wedding vendors will give you lower rates.

Pick a beautiful, and at the same time affordable restaurant.

There are tons of restaurant choices out there. Choose one that best fits your taste buds and style. Consider the tone of your wedding in picking the right food place. A local restaurant is, most of the time, cheaper compared to catering services.